The Approach

Approach  | uh-prohch

  1. noun A method used in setting about a task. “My approach with the Tao of Improv is to simplify the creation of improv scenes by outlining them in a Tao-based book, and teach them in in-person workshops.” The book is also available in hard copy or Kindle versions via via this link.

  2. verb To present, offer or make a request to others to buy the Tao of Improv in book or Kindle form.

  3. verb To contact me, specifically by using this link. To offer my services in an in-person workshop or seminar. “I’m approaching you, Tom, to learn more about the Tao of Improv and to arrange a workshop.”

In my own, subtle way, I’m asking that, if you haven’t already, I’d love for you to buy my book (hard copy and/or Kindle), and arrange a Tao of Improv workshop or seminar in your place of improvisation. All three would be great. Even one would be cool.

If you’d like to order a whole bunch of hard copies (say, for your troupe or improv class), you can always contact me and I’ll arrange special pricing not available on Amazon or through the standard PayPal pricing.