Taoblog: Are You Conflicted Enough?

Internal vs External Conflict We all think we are self-aware. Much of the time, we are wrong about that. In life, this can lead to conflict and misunderstanding. On the stage — as characters — it can lead to comedy. I’ve tried to isolate characteristics of comedy that make scenes great. The simple truth is […]

Interesting Times

The Funny Thing About Comedy “The moment is the only thing you own. It’s the only thing you can directly control in some way.”   — The Tao of Improv You don’t have to be a news junkie to know that, in America at least, life has recently gotten interesting. “May you live in interesting times” […]

Taoblog: A Matter of Mind

Telepathological “Do your work, then step back. The only path to serenity.”  — The Tao Te Ching “If I never hear the term ‘group mind’ again, it’ll be too soon.”  — The Tao of Improv The number is seven. I’m thinking of a number between one and ten. Which number? Concentrate real hard. Try to become […]

Taoblog: Chemical Bonds

It’s Personal! “Your partner is a smart improviser. She knows the difference between what you want in a scene and what your character wants.”   — The Tao of Improv There are many elements that can make an improv duo exceptional. The one I’d like to focus on is “chemistry.” That’s a force that can make […]

Taoblog: Musical Notes

Sing Out! “You’ve chosen to do a sublimely human, inexpressibly cool thing by being an improviser.”   — The Tao of Improv I’m going to make two statements. One of them will be true, the other will be a lie. Can you spot which is which? Here they are: Some improvisers find musical improv easier to […]

Taoblog: The Troupe-Killer

Did You Hear About John? “In life, take a cue from improv. Say what you want.”   — The Tao of Improv Dry rot and termites can quietly destroy your home. Dry rot and termites of a different type can affect an improv troupe or theater, too. The dry rot I’m talking about is “gossip,” and […]

Taoblog: The Sanctity of Rehearsal

Photo Finished “We need to be willing to go against our natures when in scenes.”   — The Tao of Improv   Here’s a personal revelation: When I’m doing improv, I’m serious as hell about it. That’s not to say that I’m not enjoying it. I’m just seriously enjoying it. Particularly in rehearsal. In rehearsal, it’s […]