Taoblog: EQ vs IQ

Audiences Get It “We can’t do longform in our theater. Audiences don’t get it. They don’t have the patience to sit through a lot of low-energy, soul-searching, angst-ridden comedy/drama. They’re paying to laugh, to be entertained, to enjoy.” I’ve heard this. I’ll hear this in the future. Many of us will. It’s dead wrong. And […]

Taoblog: Improvise With Your Cat

I Mean It. Step 1: Get a cat. You can borrow one if you don’t have one. If you’re allergic, Benadryl won’t kill you one time. Make sure the cat is a mature one, who’ll sit patiently with you, not run away. Step 2: Sit the cat down near you. Sit down near the cat […]

Taoblog: Auditioning the Judges

Why Didn’t I Pass? It all depends. In my experience, the audition process to join an improv troupe or theater ranges from the precise to the opaque to the downright clique-ish. Before you audition, you might want to assess the organization in that light. I’ve judged auditions in more than one theater, on numerous occasions, […]

Taoblog: Art for Craft’s Sake

I’m Not an Artist I’m an improviser. Is improv an art form? Who cares? I certainly don’t. Perhaps things we do onstage sometimes, in the eyes of some onlookers, become art. That’s great. I’m glad it happens. I’m thrilled for them. Really. For me, it is an irrelevance. I’ve got scenes to do. I pretty […]

Taoblog: Living in a Dream

Intentional Sleepwalking “Remember, while you’re doing improv, you are part of a dream. It’s not your job to wake up just yet.”   — The Tao of Improv I’ll describe the pattern of a typical dream. It begins with some kind of image, thought, emotion or sense stimulation. It could be someone you saw the other […]