About Tom

TomHSsmI’m Tom Neile. I’m an improviser. I’m one of the founding members of Sick Puppies Comedy in Boca Raton, Florida. I’m a co-owner of Miami’s premier improv venue, Just The Funny Theater & Training Center, where I’ve served as Artistic Director and head of Programming. I direct and teach improv (and musical improv) and sketch writing.

I’m a writer, musician, graphic artist and — though I rarely find the time for it nowadays — I love to play ice hockey. Badly.

I was born in Brooklyn, New York. I did my first improv scene when I was 6 (my dad had a tape recorder and improvised comedy with me on countless occasions), and co-wrote my first sketch at age 11. I occasionally do standup (when I am feeling particularly masochistic).

I wrote The Tao of Improv because I am lazy. I found that, when teaching, I was breaking things down into a particular framework for my students. Rather than keep repeating myself, I thought I’d just write it down and then hand them the book.

The book seemed to make an impression. I got great feedback. So, I’ve made it available to you. There are other books on improv. I’ve read many. They are awesome. Buy them. Read them. Take classes. Attend workshops. Improvise. Improvise with strangers.

If my book can be of use to you, I’m glad. And anytime you want to talk improv, I’m ready.